08 Jun 2017

Where is house price growth strongest in Surbiton?

Like so many areas outside the capital, Surbiton rose to prominence with the arrival of the railway in 1838 and it is this direct link into Central London – 18 minutes – that sees it remain a popular district in which to live.


Although there is a Surbiton town centre, the name is also used to cover some of the surrounding areas such as Oakhill, Long Ditton, Thames Ditton, Tolworth and Berrylands. When we are looking at house price growth in Surbiton, it is worth noting the various differences between these areas and what might be the influencing factors on such growth.


House price growth in Surbiton


With many of the area’s older properties having been transformed into stunning flats, there is really no such thing as a typical property. However, commentators often find it useful to take one type of property as a benchmark for prices across different areas – in our case, we are going to use a standard three-bedroom semi-detached property.


Maple Road, which is within ½ a mile of Surbiton station, is one of the more typical tree-lined streets you will find in and around Surbiton town centre. It is home to a range of small, independent stores and boutiques and a Junior school rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. With an eclectic mix of property types from old townhouses to modern apartments, it is easy to see why prices have seen positive growth here. The price for a semi-detached property has remained fairly constant over the last 12 months, although they can still command a premium and have risen by around 40% over the last 5 years.


The postcode of KT6 covers the majority of the Oakhill region. In this part of town, price rises for a semi-detached property have mirrored those found in central Surbiton. Even though the starting price is a little lower the further from the station you go, semi-detached properties rarely come onto the market with only a handful appearing in the last 12 months.


Moving into Long Ditton, semi-detached houses become more affordable as prices drop by a couple of percentage points. With that being said, homeowners have seen the value of their property rise by around a third on average over 5 years – so it’s not all bad news for vendors and investors!


Thames Ditton is closer to the river than its neighbours and this has helped prices increase in value despite being the furthest away from a station. Here, semi-detached prices have risen by around 4.5% in 12 months and 42% in 5-years. With its proximity to the river, Hampton Court and the beauty of Bushy Park, it feels more rural than other areas and that is often reflected in house prices.


Semi-detached house prices in Tolworth have performed in a similar way to those in Long Ditton over recent years but that could be about to change as a regeneration scheme is taking place in the area. For example, the iconic Tolworth Towers are undergoing redevelopment and millions of pounds are being invested into Tolworth Hospital.


The Berrylands area of Surbiton sits near to Oakhill and is quintessential suburbia, typified by the 1970s comedy The Good Life. Properties in this area are slightly bigger than Oakhill and so tend to be a little bit more expensive. As regards to growth in value, it is very similar to Long Ditton’s performance.


House price growth analysis for Surbiton


It is easy to see how pockets of areas, sometimes only consisting of a few roads, can perform differently to others even though they fall under similar postcodes. From the data we have seen, Thames Ditton appears to be the area that has performed strongest in recent months. However, all areas of Surbiton continue to offer attractive properties in a stable market for both young professionals looking to commute into London and families looking for a slice of the good life.

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