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You choose what fee to pay based on your experience with us

At Humphrey and Brand we put our customers and clients at the heart of everything we do. Our approach is to work in partnership with you, the seller client, in order to achieve the outcome you're seeking.

Uniquely, and unlike all other local agents, we don’t set a fee but ask you decide our fee when contracts are exchanged. This means you choose the fee based on your first-hand experience of our sales work.

When contracts have exchanged, we will ask you what level of fee you want to pay based on the service we have delivered, within that agreed range. It‘s entirely up to you – you decide the figure, and we’ll sort out the paperwork.

Why don’t other agents do this?

We can only assume that they are not as confident in the sales service they deliver for their clients as we are. At Humphrey and Brand we are demonstrating that confidence by creating a new way of doing business that ensures that you remain in control.

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