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Mark has been a landlord client of ours since 2007 when he moved away from the local area on business. We provide a letting and full management service on Mark’s apartment which is vital for him as he lives in the North of England and now rarely visits the local area.

Mark wanted a straightforward, no hassle service that he could trust. He says now that he implicitly trusts what the team at Humphrey & Brand advise and do.

He describes the relationship as so good that he allows Property Manager Karen Wheeler to take decisions on his behalf. This arrangement was more than justified when an issue over a warranty arose and, instead of simply allowing it to be rescinded, Karen went above and beyond the call of duty, getting the warranty upheld to the benefit of both Mark and the tenant.

Mark has been kind enough to provide a review on Google.

David had worked with us previously as a landlord and when he decided to downsize. As David was planning to move into an adjoining property that he owned, it was important to him to be able to trust and rely on the advice being given.

We advised running an open day and had an incredible 48 viewings which resulted in 12 offers. David really appreciated our energetic approach and the fact that he (rightly) felt he was the most important person in the transaction. He has said on dealing with other agents that they were only interested in themselves and their commission!

David appreciated the honest assessment given on the various offers and a sale was agreed at a figure above the guide price which proceeded to completion.

David has been kind enough to provide a review on Google.

Mrs Abougabal has been a client of Humphrey and Brand since the very beginning, having been a landlord client of Lisa and Laura’s previously.

She had no hesitation in transferring her portfolio of property to us based on trusting the service we provide.

We provide a full management service on all of her properties. Mrs Abougabal is very positive about our levels of communication and ability to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Having worked with other agents, she is very aware that some seem to do very little for their management fees. This is something she has never felt applies to Humphrey & Brand as we have always ably demonstrated the value in our management service which, in turn, helps Mrs Abougabal to maximise the return on her investments.

Nader is an experienced portfolio landlord who has been a client of ours since the business began. Nadar had dealt with Laura and Lisa prior to the founding of Humphrey and Brand business and had no hesitation in bringing his portfolio of properties under our wing.

He describes the relationship as having gone from strength to strength over several years and this is due to the trustworthiness, personality and professionalism of our team. He says he has always received good advice and has often recommended us to other landlords, many of whom he says have been let down by other agencies.

Nader has been kind enough to provide a review on Google.

Kerry describes her former property as being a “Marmite property” as its external appearance provoked strong reactions, both positive and negative, from potential buyers.

After an unsuccessful spell with another agent, Kerry entrusted us with the sale and we were able to secure a buyer and successfully manage the sale, which was one of four in the chain, to completion.

Kerry says that she was particularly impressed by our excellent and honest communication and that we were always prepared to “go the extra mile” to ensure everything stayed on track.

Kerry has been kind enough to provide a review on Google.

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